Mighty Line Striped Floor Marking Tape

Shop IndustrialFloorTape.com for Mighty Line striped floor marking tape products. This solid colored floor tape with two-tone center line is designed to add contrast and additional visibility to your facility. We have many high contrasting colors including yellow, orange, and red with black, blue or white center lines. This line marking tape is perfect for high traffic areas in your warehouse and can stand up to pallet jacks, forklifts, commercial vehicles, pedestrian traffic and everyday logistic processes. Once it’s down, this tape doesn’t bubble, lift or scratch. Our industrial tape is great for improving the efficiency, neatness, layout and organization in industrial and commercial lean manufacturing facilities.

Mighty Line striped floor marking tape is a highly visible way of marking aisles and pallet areas. Our warehouse floor marking tape is long lasting and great for vehicles lanes, warehouse equipment, totes and parts bins, hazardous areas, as well directing traffic flow in your facility. Mighty Line floor tape is made from durable vinyl with easy to use peel and stick backing - making it easier to put down and remove.