Mighty Line Floor Tape Dots

Easily mark busy aisle ways and loading dock aisles with Mighty Line floor tape dots from IndustrialFloorTape.com. These industrial dot floor markings are available in standard 5s colors including yellow, white, red, green, blue, orange, gray, black, brown, and purple. All floor tape dots come in packs of 100 and are available in a variety of sizes, including .75 inch, 1 inch, 2.7 inch, 3.5 inch and 3.75 inch widths. Our industrial dot floor markings are versatile and help manage workflow in your facility - improving safety and efficiency in a work area. These floor marking dots are ideal for areas where skids are pushed or pulled as well as areas that require curved lines. Floor tape dots are an affordable option and are tough enough to handle traffic from forklifts, commercial vehicles, pallet jacks and pedestrians.

Mighty Line floor tape dots are a highly visible way to coordinate your 5s environment. These dots are easy to use, with peel and stick backing for easy placement ideal for marking pallets in distribution centers and warehouses. Tape dots are cost-effective and long lasting – making them a great alternative to floor paint and cheaper tape brands.

Why Buy Mighty Line Floor Tape Dots?

Mighty Line floor tape dots are easy to apply and long-lasting. Not only do they increase safety, they also help increase productivity and efficiency. Our dot floor markings are guaranteed with a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and are made from double coated vinyl with rubber-based adhesive for a low profile stick. Mighty Line floor marking dots are anti-skid, scratch resistant, and guaranteed to last. These durable industrial floor dots can be used in warehouses, machine shops and 5s facilities to help maintain employee safety. We offer a 100% money back guarantee. Request a sample or buy Mighty Line tape products today!