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Industrial Floor Tape and Industrial Floor Signs May 16 2016

Industrial Floor Tape

Mighty Line floor tapes are great for marking off safety caution areas, aisle ways and 5s floor marking areas.The patented Mighty Line floor tape is 7 times thicker than the average floor tape with beveled edges.  Mighty Line floor tapes are great for improving safety and work flow in 5s facilities, machine shops, lean manufacturing shops and more.

Industrial Floor Signs

Our customers love Mighty Line warehouse floor signs because they are a quick and long lasting way to improve organization, 5S visual communication, and efficiency in your lean manufacturing facility. Consider using Mighty Line caution and safety floor signs as an alternative to painting.  Our industrial floor signs will help implement the 5S strategies and keep your workers safe and organized.

Industrial Diagonal Safety Floor Tape December 21 2015

Mighty Line caution diagonal floor tape is a great way to color coordinate aisles and pallet areas. Our warehouse floor marking tape is long lasting and great for vehicle lanes, warehouse equipment, caution areas, as well as directing the flow of traffic in your facility. This tape is easy to put down and virtually mess free – making it a great alternative to floor paint or cheaper tape brands.



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